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Dogs should spend 30 minutes to 2 hours of daily activity. This of course, depends on age, health, and breed. We often think of exercise only as a health issue, but it has significant day-to-day effects on a dog’s behavior as well. Dogs — particularly puppies and young dogs — have a lot of energy, and if they don’t get the chance to burn it off then destructive behavior is often the result. No matter the size of the dog, every dog needs a physical and mental outlet to expend extra energy and maintain health and fitness.

The cost of not getting enough

Inactive dogs are often overweight dogs and that brings plenty of health risks. Dogs being overweight contribute to many health risks such as; diabetes, respiratory disease, and heart disease. Older dogs often have a hard enough time getting up without the added problem of lifting excess pounds. In addition, dogs can be like young children. If you don’t give them something constructive to do with their energy, they’ll find something to do on their own-and you may not like it! Some of the most common behavior problems seen in dogs that don’t get enough exercise and play include:
  • Destructive chewing, digging or scratching
  • Investigative behaviors, like garbage raiding
  • Hyperactivity, excitability and night-time activity
  • Unruliness, knocking over furniture and jumping up on people
  • Excessive predatory and social play, play biting, and rough play
  • Attention-seeking behaviors like barking and whining


Regular exercise can improve your dog’s mental health and reduce some behaviors done out of anxiety or boredom. Live by the philosophy that a tired dog is a good dog. Exercise helps to reduce or eliminate the common behavior problems listed below.
  • Helps to keep dogs healthy, agile and limber
  • Helps to reduce digestive problems and constipation
  • Helps timid or fearful dogs build confidence and trust
  • Helps dogs feel sleepy, rather than restless, at bedtime or when you’re relaxing
  • Helps to keep dogs’ weight under control
  • The assurance of knowing your pet is getting the care they deserve
Package #1 30 min- $15.99 (Includes: Dog walking, playing, and feeding)
Package #2 45 min- $20.99 (Everything from package #1 plus: Cage/Litter box maintenance, applying medication and watering plants)
Package #3 1 hour- $25.99 (Everything from package #2 with extra time for walking and playing)
Pet Sitting
Package #4 (PET SITTING) $129.99 (includes three 30 minute visits per day for three days)
Package #5 (PET SITTING) $211.99 (includes three 30 minute visits per day for five days)
Package #6 (PET SITTING) $293.99 (includes three 30 minute visits per day for seven days)

2 Days or less - Standard Package Rates.
3 Days or more - Pet Sitting Rates.

Additional Services

Small Dogs- $9.99
Large Dog- $19.99
Holiday Rates:
Additional $5 per standard package rates
Frequent Visit Discount:
10% discount is applied when 3 or more visits are scheduled within a week.  

Complimentary Meet & Greet Consultation:

After completing your over the phone or online registration we will schedule a meet & greet to discuss any specific details that you feel are important for us to insure that you and your pets are completely comfortable with our services.  It is very important to us that your pets are familiar and comfortable with our presence when we walk into your home. * Once we set up our meet & greet please have 1 key copy for us to designate a hidden place/lock box etc.

Policies and Payments
  • Services should be scheduled at least 48 hrs in advance.
  • Same day services are allowed but dependent on availability. ($5 convenience fee)
  • Free Meet & Greet Consultation is optional but recommended.
  • Consultation would take place before scheduled service day and can be done in person or over the phone.
  • Payment can be made over the phone, online, or at consultation. Payments are accepted in cash, PayPal, and Square and are to be collected before or after consultation.
  • Cancellations have to be made at least 24 hrs before scheduled service time for refund to be issued. Same day cancellations are available but would only allow reschedule of services with a 5 dollar rescheduling fee.
  • No aggressive dogs
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